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Reiki Session

In-person / distance

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system that brings harmony and balance back to the body, mind, emotions and spirit, through a gentle, non-invasive practice involving light touch or hovering hands over the body. The word Reiki translates as 'universal life energy', that which sustains all life on the planet. This is a holistic practice that honors life energy and your own body's innate capacity for healing.


The sacred practice of Reiki can: ​

  • Re-align you with your inner teacher and higher purpose

  • Open blockages and create a stronger energetic flow

  • Restore physical, mental and emotional balance

  • Release ‘old’ energy patterns

  • Reduce stress and internal ‘noise’.

  • Increase self-awareness and self worth

  • Strengthen the body’s natural immune system and ability to self-heal


People can experience different things during a session - meditative stillness, the rise of emotions, alignment and balance, healing, or just deep rest and peace. Whatever arises is what is needed for that moment. Receiving Reiki requires no preparation or prior knowledge. Dressed normally in comfortable clothing, you will lie on a massage table and be invited to just close your eyes and rest. No massage or body work is performed, just gentle touch and hovering hands. If distance Reiki, you will just lie on your own bed or comfortable location. Most of the session is done in silence, with soft music in the background. If information for you comes forward during the session, we can share that after the session.

Alternatively, if you'd like a session without Reiki, but oriented to energy work, we can enter into a process of deep awareness of what might be ready to come forward to be cleared energetically, or to pay attention to what is calling you. This could be done via Zoom or on-site.

50 minutes


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