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Spiritual Guidance 
with Gene Keys
Spiritual Guidance
with Gene Keys

via Zoom

The Gene Keys, a deep wisdom teaching from the book and work of Richard Rudd, is a synthesis of different wisdom traditions, Human Design, the ancient Chinese I Ching and astrology, quantum mechanics, social sciences, mysticism, Jungian psychology, and mythology, designed to unlock the genius and purpose that lies hidden in your DNA. The healing mythic journey of the Gene Keys is based on the 64 codes found within your DNA and within all living things, and your specific path is based on your date, time and city/state of birth. 

The Gene Keys moves us through three different frequencies of energy - shadow, gift and siddhi - as higher levels of consciousness slowly, or sometimes suddenly, awakens.  This is an extensive contemplative journey into the heart of your life, your essence, your soul. It invites a slow contemplative approach that is not separate from your daily lived life. There are a few things you'll need for this process, which I will go over with you in a free introductory call. I will need to pull your profile, so will need your birth information. 

This powerful and illuminating journey into your Self is an organic unfolding, primarily a self-led process oriented to your insights and breakthroughs through your own contemplation and lived daily life. I offer guidance on the path, a grounded and contemplative way of approaching the material, and intuitive awareness of your process to help track and release energy.

Free 25 minute consultation to orient you to the Gene Keys path and answer questions. This session will not include specifics about your profile. If you'd like to book a session afterward, I will then spend time with your specific Gene Keys to be prepared for our session together. 

A 4-month Activation Sequence package is also available. It includes the following:

  • One live Zoom session per month based on each Gene Key in your Activation Sequence;

  • A weekly recording to help orient you to the different frequencies within each key and the meaning of the pathways between the keys, along with a guided meditation as you contemplate the shadow, gift, and siddhi of each of your four primary Gene Keys in the Activation Sequence. 

You may want to purchase the book, The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose for the four-month journey, and for ongoing sessions. You can learn more and download your Gene Keys profile for free at

25 minutes - $45

60 minutes - $140.00 for 1st appointment and $100 thereafter.

$450 for a four-month journey including one monthly Zoom session and weekly audio and video recordings especially for your profile

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