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Spiritual Eco-Guidance

via zoom/ studio/in nature

Spiritual guidance comes not from the mind, or from re-telling our stories, or figuring things out. Instead, it comes from being present to Presence, Holy Wisdom. We create space within, and in whatever landscape we meet (virtually, in my studio, or in nature at an agreed-upon location) to listen in on what is being called forth in you.


You are an eco-system that includes your divine nature, your physical and energy body, emotions, mind/psyche, soul, nature, in constant conversation. These eco-systems contain multiple intelligences, information, and wisdom. You will be guided to listen in to the sacred conversation going on in the silent stillness of your soul, and in the natural and subtle realms, through attentive awareness to body, emotions, and energy within and around you. These processes can be practiced in your daily life as you attune to a new way of living your life from soul, from your higher consciousness. 

50 minutes

120.00 Zoom 

Zoom available

150.00 in nature

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