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Spiritual Guidance 
with Gene Keys
Wild Wisdom: A Journey Into the Gene Keys

Coming Soon!

via Zoom

Encoded within the very cells of your being lie your greatest gifts. Also imprinted within your DNA lies transgenerational trauma and sacred wounds that we are here to unwind, heal, and release. The beautiful truth is that within these very wounds is the key to our personal and collective healing and liberation. This four-week sacred circle will journey in a group online setting through a contemplative introduction to the Gene Keys, a deep wisdom transmission by Richard Rudd. The Gene Keys are a synthesis of ancient wisdom from the I Ching and astrology, Human Design, Jungian psychology, mythology, the arts, and quantum physics. His book, The Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Within Your DNA, is recommended from this course and can be purchased on Amazon.

This sacred circle is for you if any of the below draws you:

  • You want to deepen your awareness and insight into your Self, from your shadow patterns to your divine self.

  • You are interested in learning more about your energy field, and your interconnection with nature, others, and the invisible realms.

  • You are exhausted keeping up with a changing world and long for a new way of seeing and being.

  • You are seeking a more contemplative and expansive approach to life.

  • You have interest in healing transgenerational, familial and personal wounds, and understanding how that intersects with the evolution of humanity and planetary liberation.

  • You're ready to unlock your gifts in service to the world that are embedded within your very DNA

  • You long for a deeper embodied spirituality

  • You are drawn to the spirituality of science and the science of spirituality.  


The Gene Keys work is based on the 64 universal attributes of consciousness found within DNA. Through contemplation of two of those Gene Keys, which will be transiting during the dates we are together, we will dive deep to unlock and activate the archetypal wisdom present within each of us. It will also open up a new understanding of current events happening in the world, and how the energetics of our personal and relational field impacts, and is impacted by, the collective.


This is an introductory immersion that will open up new language and understanding of how to raise the frequency of your DNA, which allows you to access the innate wisdom, intelligence, and unique essence that is your fullest Self.

Each session will include guiding information, a vibrational meditation, ritual, contemplation of two different Gene Keys, and time for discussion and questions. 

To find out more about the Gene Keys or to order the book, visit this link. 

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